Considering Family Childcare?

Just like large daycare centers, Family Daycare programs are mandated to follow requirements set forth by the State of New York  for licensing, registration, safety and continuing education. Often smaller, and with lower numbers of children than centers, Family Daycare providers develop close relationships with children and their families. At Nelly's Nest we are compelled to offer variety and flexibility in both curriculum and program structure to ensure children's needs are met. If things become a bit too stimulating, there's always a quiet corner available for a child to play, read or take an extra nap. And, when children need extra gross motor time to calm their bodies, we'll spend more time outdoors! With the demand for quality childcare steadily rising, a Registered Family Daycare program is a wonderful alternative to larger centers. Schedule a tour today!

Benefits of Mixed Age Groups

Family Daycare programs often offer a setting with mixed ages. There is quite a bit of research that supports mixed age classrooms.  One benefit of having younger and older children together is that older children learn to model themselves as leaders.  By helping educators and younger ones with daily activities, older children in mixed aged settings can gain confidence, independence and a greater sense of self within and outside of the community classroom. Younger students become exposed to more advanced play, problem solving and language skills. This learning by social interactions, contributes to increased academic and social skills.

About the Provider

Certified in CPR and First Aid. Licensed and registered with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) participant. Designated by NYS Department of Health's CACFP Program a "Certified Breastfeeding-Friendly Day Care Home". 2020's Children's Champion "Rookie of the Year Award" winner.


Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to research quality childcare for your family. My name is Noelia O'Leary, everyone calls me Nelly. I am a mother to 4 energetic children. I was a stay-at-home mom for several years to my now, school age children and returned to the work force for five years. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy and follow regulatory continuing education conferences/courses in Early Childhood Education and Childcare as set forth by New York State. I've successfully completed and currently implementing the NYS Pyramid Model training focusing on social and emotional development of young children and currently studying for the Child Development Associate.


After returning to the work force, I realized there was nothing as rewarding as educating my own children and encouraging their growth and development day after day.  Once my son was born, I knew I wanted to afford him the same attention and care while still being able to provide for my family.  Now, I offer that same loving care to families who prefer safe and nurturing Family Childcare. Thank you for considering Nelly's Nest for your childcare needs.

About the Staff

Jack, a full-time NYPD Detective is also part-time caregiver. He is CPR/First Aid certified and has taken continuing education courses in Health and Safety, Anti-Bias in Childcare and Mandated Reporting. The children enjoy his silliness and love when he's around as he can't help but spoil them, even if it means bending Nelly's rules a bit. He enjoys being active, and will never turn down an opportunity to teach the kids to hit a baseball, have the kids help with "fixing", or play a game of catch.

Doris, lovingly called "Grandma" by all of the kiddos, is a part-time Pediatric Dental Assistant and part-time Caregiver and is also CPR/First-Aid and Health and Safety trained. She is sweet, patient, and always has something fun planned for the children during her visits.  She can make even the shyest child come out of their shell and chat for hours on end. Her creativity and challenging games make the children gravitate to any project she presents.

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